Collin Murphy


Collin Murphy, Ph.D., is a visual artist living in Portland, Oregon, whose mixed media paintings are often inspired by musical themes. Her diverse career path included research in developmental genetics at UC Berkeley and in cell biology and ophthalmology at UCSF. All the while, she has studied painting and piano music. Her recent paintings have focused on the music of Chopin, Ravel, and Messiaen.

A prolific mixed-media painter, Collin had two solo shows in California in 2010 and was the Festival Artist at the 2009 Portland International Piano Festival with a solo show of 23 paintings. She completed an Artist's Residency at Yosemite in 2004 and has had eight paintings in six exhibitions at the Yosemite Museum. She is a member of Portland Women in Abstract Media and the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media and has participated in dozens of solo and group shows since moving from Berkeley to Oregon in 2003. This emerging artist has studied with contemporary painters Ann Baldwin, Robert Burridge, John Hulsey and Cristina Acosta. Over 100 of her paintings are in private collections in the USA and abroad.

Artist's Statement: I have been painting since age eight, but also spent decades as a biologist analyzing the fascinating microscopic structure of cells and tissues. Now as a full-time artist, I am free to respond to larger-scale elements in my paintings. Provocative experiences, such as immersion in magnificent landscapes, being mesmerized by colored light in stained glass windows, and my study of piano music have shaped my self-expression. I use a variety of media to evoke my subconscious reactions to these influences. COLOR is my most important tool.