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Chopin Nocturne in E major, Op. 62 #2

Chopin Nocturne in e minor, Op. 72 #1

Chopin Nocturne in f# minor, Op. 48 #2

Chopin Nocturne in f minor, Op. 55 #1

Nocturne I

Nocturne II

Nocturne III

Nocturne IV

Nocturne 5

Nocturne 6

Nocturne 7

Nocturne 8

Valse 1 (Ravel)

Valse 2 (Ravel)

Valse 3 (Ravel)

Valse 4 (Ravel)

Valse 5 (Ravel)

Valse 6 (Ravel)

Valse 7 (Ravel)

Valse 8 (Ravel)

La Valse (Ravel)

Noctuelles 1 (Ravel)

Noctuelles 2 (Ravel)

Noctuelles 3 (Ravel)

Oiseaux Tristes (Ravel)

Une Barque sur L'Ocean (Ravel)

Alborada del Gracioso (Ravel)

La Vallee des Cloches (Ravel)

Daphnis et Chloe (Ravel)

Listening to Mahler's 9th Symphony

The Dove (Messiaen Prelude 1)

Song of Ecstasy in a Sad Landscape (Messiaen Prelude 2)

The Light Number (Messiaen Prelude 3)

Defunct Moments (Messiaen Prelude 4)

The Impalpable Sounds of a Dream (Messiaen Prelude 5)

Bells of Anguish and Tears of Farewell (Messiaen Prelude 6)

Quiet Complaint (Messiaen Prelude 7)

A Reflection in the Wind (Messiaen Prelude 8)

From the Canyons to the Stars I (Messiaen)

From the Canyons to the Stars II (Messiaen)

Island of Fire I (Messiaen)

Island of Fire II (Messiaen)